Thursday, 19 July 2012

Ardent Coral.

My second DIY project was one I had been thinking about for a while. This dresser is my Grandparents old old old dresser from Sears. Mummy, one of five children, told me when her family moved when she was little they had no furniture , so they took a trip to Sears and bought seven dressers, seven beds, seven everything. I wonder where the other six matching pieces ended up? Maybe some of my aunts and uncles still have them.

It's pretty beat up though. There's loads of scratches and dents in the wood, and apparently the sound of the drawers clapping against the metal sounds like Mummy's childhood. I decided it needed a face lift. I certainly didn't want to get rid of it because it was sentimental but something had to be done with it.

Here's what I did...

The Before.

A coarse sand paper took off some of the lacquer on the wood and smoothed out the dents and scratches. It also made it easier for the primer to stick to the wood. 

I put two coats of a heavy duty furniture primer on the outside of the dresser and the fronts of the drawers. I didn't think I needed to paint the inside because I won't be seeing that much.

I picked a beautiful coral color, ardent coral, (also inspired by pinterest) and painted a generous two coats. 

After the paint had dried I applied a polyurethane coating on the top of the dresser and in between the drawers. These were the places I would most likely knock or bang into. It said it was clear but kinda turned a yellowy color, which was not that noticeable, but I must've not made the coat very even. If you try this yourself make sure to do a very thin and even application of the polyurethane, and then leave it outdoors for a good day to dry and get rid of the smell.

Final step was some new hardware. I can't decide if I want to keep the old ones for the top drawers. It was hard for me to get rid of everything so I may keep them for now.

Here's the finished product:

I highly recommend this method to re-vamp an old piece of furniture. It only took me a day to paint, was pretty inexpensive, and adds a new pop of color to my room.