Sunday, 1 July 2012

FL to TX.

After graduating college, (Go Tops!) I came home to a house full of brown boxes and clear packing tape. Moving from England in 2001, we had been Floridians for almost 11 years, and now my family had decided to take on our biggest adventure yet, moving to Texas. 

Here is the Teenager, the only one of us enjoying the moving process.

This is the treehouse in our back yard, built by my grandmother in her 80th year. Incredible, right?

And then some local hooligans rampaged the moving truck.
Just kidding, Teenager and her friends thought they may never have an opportunity this good.

And this precious animal is our new canine, Daisy. She's an eight year old Australian Shepherd. And she acts as cute as she looks. She was a trooper through the three day journey across states. We sure got lucky with this one.

Two Penske trucks, and a Toyota Highlander make for a tense drive, but let me just add that walkie talkie is the only way to communicate.
Despite multiple stressful experiences at hotels, and lack of sleep, and some close run-ins with the curb, and no air conditioning, and a threatening tropical storm looming on Florida, three days later we finally made it to our new home. We are in love. We love the rusty gate (except I want to paint it), we love the warped wood porch, we love the amazing views, and we love the wild hogs that live on the edge of our land. 
God Bless Texas!

I leave you with this final image of Chap. After showing me around the farm, we happened upon a sticker bush that couldn't resist his hairy legs. It took a comb and laughter to get them all out. I think he  learned his lesson and agrees that he may finally have to retire his favorite khaki shorts for some Levi jeans.