Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I heart BG.

This week I made the eleven hour drive to BG, KY with Teenager to take two tests so I could officially be a graduate of WKU. It was also perfect time for the 4th/Roomie's birthday. There was much excitement to be had in BG and Nashville. I don't know Nashville very well, but now that the Roomie relocated there, she showed me around a little and I liked what I saw. 

[1] Patriotic water tower at the top of Hospital Hill, BG. [2] A beautiful Kentucky sunset. [3] The Roomie and I have a little obsession with nail polish. [3] The birthday girl and her cake, which she made herself. Love her. [4] Sculpture I love on WKU campus. [5] My next polish purchase will be in honor of 'Waity Katie (Middleton)'. [6] A perfect saturday morning in Nashville at the Pancake Pantry. [7-9] Highly recommend the Swiss Chocolate Chip, and Raspberry Delight. They were huge portions, Teenager and I only ate half of ours. [10] There's one thing you have to know about me... I love wall murals. Of any kind. I think they're wonderful. Found this one in Nashville. [11] And Peter (my VW Rabbit) hit a milestone, literally, in our ride home to Texas.

Feels good to be home.