Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Princess Jaynee.

It was a DIY weekend. I spent most of my time with splatters of paint all over me. But it had to be done. Unfortunately my name is not Jaynee, otherwise this would've fulfilled my lifelong dream of having a princess room. The mural was actually really well painted so it was a little hard for me to cover it up. Two coats of 'Polar Bear' later, I had some fresh clean looking walls.

So as most sentences start these days...I saw this picture on pinterest of soft gray striped walls. It definitely caught my attention but I wasn't sure I wanted all my walls to have stripes. Seemed a bit overwhelming. So I stuck with one accent wall. After I had measured it all out I had Teenager help me tape the stripes. A helpful tip I learned incase anyone wants to try this is to pull the tape off the wall when it's wet so the paint doesn't crack off. It makes a cleaner line.

I think it turned out really well and I love the light gray color [Gentle Rain]. 

Hope all of you enjoyed the Breaking Bad premiere as much as I did. I missed Jesse and his awesomeness.

More DIY projects to come.