Friday, 10 August 2012

Pink Ombre.

I've been obsessing over these ombre cakes for some time now and (with a little free time on my hands) I decided to try one out. I preface this by saying that Mummy helped me the whole way. I could barely finish or start one step before getting her approval. But, even without a clear recipe, it came out well and tastes even better than it looks.

Pink Ombre Cake

I used a simple sponge cake recipe which measures out equal parts of the ingredients by weight.
I used 4 small cake tins which was about 1 egg per tin.
Then I weighed the 4 eggs (8 1/4 oz) and weighed out that same weight in flour (self-rising if you have it), sugar, and butter.
Because we didn't have self rising flour, Mummy told me to add 1 tps of salt and 2 tps of baking powder.
After doing it wrong first (obviously), Mummy informed me the correct steps in mixing which is to mix butter and sugar together then slowly add eggs and flour. (Ooops)
After incorporating all ingredients then whip the batter together on high for about a minute until it looks really white and kinda like an icing consistency. Be sure not to over whip otherwise the cake will rise then collapse. 
Now its the fun part:
Separate the batter into 4 equal bowls. (This step took me a while to weigh)
The next step is coloring the batter. I used basic red food coloring and I'm not ashamed to say I made it up as I went along. I know the first tin only had one drop, the second had two, the third had five maybe, and then forth had... I lost count...but I put in enough to make it a drastic color. Don't wimp on the coloring otherwise it won't have enough contrast.
Then each batter bowl went into a parchment and grease lined cake tin and in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes.

The icing was easy peasy. 
Another Mummy recipe. 2 sticks of butter (8 oz) and double that for the powdered sugar (16 oz). Yikes. Mine was a little thick so I added about a tablespoon of milk, then it was perfect. Should you sift your powdered sugar?... yes. Is sifting anything the worst thing?...yes.

Cutting into the cake was exciting... but not as good as eating a slice with a cup of tea.

If you try this I'd love to see pictures of your ombre creation!


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Liz G. said...

Beautiful! It looks like a professional food blog :) Let's make one when I come to TX!