Friday, 21 September 2012

Four Favorites.

1. My first Texas football game was a success. The temp. dropped about ten degrees so it felt wonderful. I still can't completely commit to liking the sport though. It just can't compete with English football in my eyes. (the 'real' football)
2. We found a cute bistro in a nearby downtown area and it was perfect. Bistro/Bakery/Antiques. The perfect combo. 
3. Granny and Pete flew in this week and we've had so much fun with them. Clearly, if you've been following any of my families twitter accounts, its pretty evident that they are quite humorous. This is a picture of the stash of English junk food they pulled out of their suitcase when they arrived. My particular request was the Cadbury's Clusters. I only asked for one bag and they brought four. Lucky me! And trust me, you don't even want to know what Monster Munch is.
4. I found this vintage John Wayne poster painted on the wall of an old Cinema. What a stud.

I was able to go to Kendi's 1 year anniversary of her store, Bloom, last night and it was fab. Had such a great time. Of course Kendi was the sweetest. Blog post to follow. :) 
Find out more about Kendi and Bloom at

Happy Friday!


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