Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Red wood.

I constantly have problems keeping my jewelry in order. It usually looks like the bowls of jumbled jewelry at Forever 21 and I can never find what I'm looking for. I wanted something I could hang my necklaces on. Of course my first step was to browse pinterest and I found something I knew I could handle. All I needed was an old piece of wood and mix matched drawer knobs.
I found this old piece of wood working out on the field one day with Chap. Guess there was a red barn on our land at one point. And I bought seven drawer knobs (super cheap at Hobby Lobby and usually on sale), all different, but all coordinating somehow. My favorite is the black and white one that looks like marble.
All I needed was a drill and a ruler. I drilled seven holes in the wood, making sure that the drill bit was smaller than the screw, and then I twisted all seven knobs into the wood. Notice that I didn't twist them in all the way. I wanted to leave a little space for a necklace or two to hang from.


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meredith said...

Of course you knew you could handle it. haha.
But i love!