Monday, 24 September 2012

Star Struck.

So there's this girl. Her name is Kendi. She has a fashion blog. I've been following for about a year. She opened up a store in Texas called Bloom. The other night was the one year anniversary of the store. We went. I met Kendi. I was star struck. She was so lovely and has such a sweet personality. Bloom was amazing. The cupcakes were yummy. Daddy sat on his phone. I tried on clothes. I stared longingly at the racks. Then I spent money. And I took a picture or two. We ate at a yummy burger joint. We walked around downtown McKinney. And we were throughly satisfied. And all was well in the world.



Caitlin said...

Oh my word, I love downtown McKinnney. I have to go and visit Bloom, it looks so cute!!

meredith said...

Looks fun!
PS Like your short sentences!