Monday, 15 October 2012

55 Degree Art Fest.

This past weekend, Teenager and I took a trip up to Dallas to tour the annual Cottonwood Art Festival. There was a sudden plunge in the temperature down from near triple digits to 55 degrees. We realized we were gonna have to wear more than just shorts and a T shirt and for the first time since being in Texas we were able to wear cozy sweaters with boots. Even then we should've worn another layer or two. It was wonderful, except the festival hadn't quite caught up with the weather and were still trying to sell ice cream, when all anyone wanted was a hot chocolate. There was an amazing array of different mediums and techniques. I especially enjoyed the ceramic artists, my particular favorite being an artist who put leaves on the outside of a pot then carved out the excess. They were so beautiful, it took Teenager dragging me away from the stall so I wouldn't spend too much money on one. Teenager enjoyed an exceptionally long corn dog, and I a mouthwatering gyro. The cold weather has come and gone, but now at least we have something to look forward to.
Happy Monday!


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