Monday, 22 October 2012

Cotton Fest.

We had a blast at the Cotton Festival. We were glad to have our old friend the Factor stay with us for the weekend and it's certainly always fun when he's around. We all got up early to participate in the 5K and 1K fun run/walk. I barely made it as Teenager sprinted to the finish line beating me by a couple seconds. Meanwhile the Factor came in 4th. He showed us all up. After the run I felt comfortable stuffing my face with pancakes and fried greasy foods. Our town was swarming with people and so many things to see and eat. Mummy and I both submitted pictures for a photo contest. Neither of us won (surprise surprise), but it was still exciting to see our pictures displayed. It may be hard to believe but, six pictures down, there is an old man taking children in a train ride with his 4 wheeler. (Scary) The whole town was mourning the loss of famous Big Tex, who burned at the state fair this past week. One lady had even churned out 100 'Remember Big Tex' t shirts to sell. The most interesting stand we talked to was a women who was spinning cotton into yarn. Mummy taught me how to knit a couple years ago so its something that would be fun to learn. Best food: fried oreos and chocolate chip funnel cake.
Fun and happy memories.


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