Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dream Job.

Over the past few weeks I've started a new chapter in my life. The chapter is called 'Dream Job'. After suffering through possibly one of the worst jobs in the world, I can't believe the opportunity that God has placed in my hands. Five long years of studying art education and ceramics in college and I'm finally able to put this knowledge to good use.
I'm teaching as a long term sub for a high school ceramics teacher. (Insert squeal) I'm not sure what the future will hold with the temporary position, but I am hopeful that God will work his magic again and someday soon I'll be able to teach full time.
I get to play with clay everyday and teach highschoolers how to make art.
Yes. It couldn't get any better.
Here's a little of what we've been working on.



Linz Andrews said...

Hey Katie! Just wanted to tell you I'm really excited for your new adventure with high schoolers and clay. The kids are blessed to have you! Have fun!

Katie Hudson said...

Thankyou Lindsay!
Miss you guys.