Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Arboretum + Chihuly + Hazelnuts.

Another wonderful weekend was spent in Dallas celebrating a birthday with some great friends. Chowed down at Bread Winners Cafe where I ate 90 percent of my Tuscan French Toast. So yummy and such a cool restored building. Our next stop was to the Dallas Arboretum. Because the weather was so wonderful, the rest of Dallas also decided they would make a trip to the Arboretum, which meant there was a bus ride out to the park. My only way to describe the Arboretum is that I felt as if I wasn't in Texas but in a tropical/ rainforest/ English countryside. It was beautiful. A must see if you're in the area. We lucked out with having the Chihuly glass exhibit also touring through the Arboretum which added an even more picturesque view. Our final stop was a free ear-busting (literally) Sister Hazel concert. And yes they still exist, and yes there are still Hazelnuts out there, only they are 60 years old and they increase in drunkenness with age. I forgot what it felt like to hang out with people my age, considering I am surrounded by either annoying brat high school students or old farts (no offense Mummy and Daddy). It was a much needed social vacation that I will gladly accept again.


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