Thursday, 22 November 2012

First Frost.

Contrary to popular belief Texas does have seasons, although much less extreme than northern states. It was fun to wake up to a frosty porch and crunchy white grass. 

Today, on this day of thanksgiving, my dad jokes that he's mourning the loss of the colonies. I always knew what thanksgiving was growing up, since my mum is American, but it didn't really mean much to me, just a yummy meal. I sort of love how big of a deal it is here. You get to stop and reflect on the year and all the blessings you've been given. This morning I'm enjoying a hot cup of tea, cinnamon coffee cake, and watching the Macy's Parade. They're all traditions in the making right?

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all. Thanks for following along. 



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Perfect traditions in the making! Also, so pretty!