Thursday, 29 November 2012

Thursday Night.

Living in Bowling Green gave me the opportunity to meet some pretty great people. One such couple invited college students over to their house every thursday night for dinner. Somehow I managed to weasel my way there along with sometimes 15 other hungry students. This was no ordinary meal though. It was like having thanksgiving every week. Mrs. Borders is an amazing cook and would make a massive amount of food. We'd eat, talk, laugh, and listen to great music. It was literally the highlight of my week. Every week.

And I bring you this recipe because I used to hate sweet potatoes. Like the thought of eating one would make me gag. Mrs. Borders recipe for sweet potato casserole changed me and for that my stomach and heart thank her. She would make this dish almost every week and when my time came to fill my plate I would ask for double portions. (Embarrassing) Now I'm a believer and I finally understand what America is all about.

It's super simple. Let me break it down.
I used 3 taters.
I peeled them. (duh)
I chopped them into cubes. Cooks them faster.
I tossed the cubes in boiling water till soft.
I dumped the hot water out and poured in: 
1/4 Cup of milk.
1/4 Cup of Sugar.
3 Tbs of Butter. (or if you're Paula Dean, the whole stick)
I blended the yummy mixture and transfered it into a greased backing dish.
I added more sugar on top plus some cinnamon and a little melted butter. (I eyeballed)
Then you stick that thing in the oven for 40 minutes at 350.
I added large marshmallows (don't wimp on the baby ones) to the top of the dish in the last five minutes of cooking.
The marshmallows will get all toasty and brown and the whole thing is just, well basically, a dessert. 
But I won't tell if you don't.


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Liz G. said...

Uhm...YUM! So toasty!