Wednesday, 26 December 2012

25 Years.

My family has an amazing ability to hold on to things for years before finally acknowledging that they may need to take a trip to the dumpster. Our Christmas tree is one such thing. Take a guess at its age... Okay I'll tell you. It's 25 years old, only two years older than me. Bought at Harrods in London and used every year since. Its lost many of its branches and its practically see through but its kinda cute right? Yea I know... we're getting a new one next year. (Maybe even a real one if I pester enough)
You might be wondering what that fifth image is. That is the creativity of my lovely brother. He even glued on dirt to the side. He loves to bring a little humor to the holidays.

And I leave you with a classic blurry-self-timer-family-picture. 

Happy Holidays!


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