Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Homestead Heritage Festival.

The day after Thanksgiving we traveled to a land far away. A land removed from the bustle of city life but full of the simplicity of farm living. A community where every building you see is a restored barn or farm house. Where the community has learned how to knit, sew, make pottery, build and construct barns...by hand, bake delicious donuts and for that matter delicious everything. This community at Homestead Heritage have learned how to live a sustainable life. Mummy and Chap visited them for a weekend of classes on farming with crops and animals, heard about their thanksgiving festival, and brought us along. 
It was a fascinating experience and well worth the drive. I particularly enjoyed watching the ceramic ladies throwing, and touring their extensive collection of pieces for sale. I also found my future husband. It was love at first scythe. 
The family can't wait to go back and learn more about what God intended farming to be like.



meredith said...

Love at first scythe. Stop it.

Rob Malone said...