Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Griswolds.

Saturday was the designated day for Christmas lights and I managed to persuade Chap to put them along the roof line. We had a couple Griswold-esque moments while putting them up. Chap was working the roof with Teenager (insert scared face) while I got the job of observing the finished product from the ground. We blew two fuses and had to buy five more sets of lights. Even though they were almost ten years old they managed to hang on for one more night and then they all blew out. Mummy did a quick internet manouver and hopefully we'll have some by this weekend. Glad I took these pictures when I did.
Happy Christmas from Texas.


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Rob Malone said...

Looks great -- I think you should leave them up year-round. BTW, the pic of Chap and Mummy should be framed somewhere.