Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Gold Elephant.

Normally I wouldn't be so braggy about my Christmas gifts but I was blessed with some good ones this year. Teenager knows I love Elephants. It's always the first place I want to go at a zoo, and its my dream pet. Who wouldn't want a pet elephant roaming their backyard? She got me this super cute gold elephant pendant necklace from Etsy. She's a pro at gift giving.
And Mummy over heard me talking about gloves that have cut off fingers and because she is a pro at knitting made me these. Thank you Mummy. My Princess sister is the kind of person who, after buying something or receiving a gift, will put it away for weeks at a time until the right moment comes along for her to wear it. I on the other hand am an immediate use kind of girl. None of this waiting for the right time business. I would put it on and wear it out of the store if I could. Christmas gifts are no different.

[Coat] 11 years old, bought in London [Dress] Zara [Boots] Thrifted Nine West [Jewelry] Etsy [Nails] OPI Lincoln Park After Dark



Meagan Claire said...

I like your rings. Where are they from?

Katie Hudson said...

Thank you! They're all from Etsy. Two different designers.