Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Nikon or Fuji?

Buying a new camera sucks. Especially when you realize how much a good one costs. I currently own two Canon models. The classic film AE- 1, and the snap and shoot Powershot SD 1400 IS. Both have been wonderful cameras. I've used the Powershot for a couple years now and its taken some excellent photographs. I'm just wanting a little more though but realizing its going to cost me. 
I've done a lot of research, taken some tips from friends
 and come up with two of my favorites which happen to be polar opposites. Nikon's are always good, never heard or read a bad thing about them, they just work. But when I laid eyes on the Fuji X-E1 I fell in love. Fujifilm have designed a solid framework in a fab retro design. Only thing is it's double the price of the Nikon. Anyone have any tips? Favorite cameras or recommendations? Also does any have $1000 I can borrow?
'Preciate cha. 



Meagan Claire said...

I don't know anything about cameras (bad Kodak granddaughter), but I saw these and thought they were super neat: http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/category.jsp?id=APARTMENT_MEDIA

Katie Hudson said...

Those look really cool. Still trying to make up my mind. :)