Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Water Witcher.

A couple weeks back we had some men come out to the farm to look for water. Their equiptment was impressive enough but I'll let you know now that they were unsuccessful in their attempts. The best part of this post is the third picture of Chap. There's this thing called water witching. Yea it sounds creepy. But back before they had huge lorries to cart around machinery that can dig deep into the ground they used small pieces of metal and walked around their property and if the metal moved it was a sign that there was water below.
Chap thinks he is a water witcher. And I'm not gonna lie, it was hilarious to see him walking around with two metal sticks and claiming that they were moving. It was also hilarious when he told me he made the sticks of metal and watched a Youtube video on the How-to's of witching. Hilarious is the only word for it.


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