Monday, 11 March 2013

Spot the Spork.

I learned how to cut down a tree with a saw this past week. Yea, there's a first time for everything. The Spork's been working real hard getting destroyed by the mesquite thorns. Wish I had a picture of his arms. I'll save that for another time. We're in the process of new fences and clearing out the devilish mesquite trees so that cows are able to graze. Big things are happening people! You can't even see him in the second picture since he's wearing his new camo birthday shirt. And cows just became that much more interesting. Our neighbors have about ten cute calves running around that just love to get their picture taken. Won't be long now until we have some of our own. And then we'll be legit Texans.


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Anonymous said...

Your pictures are wonderful! Texas looks lovely.