Wednesday, 20 March 2013

The Clean Kitchen Fairy.

 You know those food blogs that have immaculate kitchens where everything is sparkly white and it seems like some magic fairy is cleaning up before every picture, I don't believe in those. The reality is... I make a mess. And I'm happy to say, I'm not afraid to show it to you. If you're anything like me its unavoidable to get powdered sugar/ flour on every appliance. [I promise I cleaned up your kitchen, Mummy] So here's the real deal. A messy but delightfully delicious pink lemonade pound cake. I guess  I'm slightly too early for summer food, but its practically summer here in Texas, so I don't care.



Anonymous said...

I'd love to eat at your house! All your food (desserts haha) look wonderful. -DM

Christine Magbanua Akhtar said...

A messy kitchen is a happy kitchen! Pretty cake and pretty cake stand! And thanks for your comment on my blog...oh, the thrill of readership. =)

Shelly B. said...

Looks delicious and oh so purty.