Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Sticks.

There were a lot of things I could care less about before moving out to the sticks (you'll see why that word is appropriate later), but none more trivial than a fence line. Fences are a pretty big deal around here. There's two main types. The fence-in fence, or the fence-out fence. Out here in East Texas they like to fence out, simply because there's so many animals wandering around, your land could easily turn into a zoo. Our lovely fences were not so lovely and definitely wouldn't be able to keep animals in or out, case in point: the cows. Chap, Sporky, and Teviah have been working real hard to conquer the massive job of replacing the fences. I went out to help, thinking I was gonna have a cool job, like tying the fences on, or hammering the posts in the ground, even welding the 'H' brace. No. Chap told me I needed to pick up 'sticks' around the tree line. Sufficed to say, I didn't last out there long out of sheer boredom. Apparently I'm not strong enough to tie the fences.
Chap told me they're not taking the easy route with this fence. Besides cutting down some of the dead trees along the tree line, they also moved the fence slightly further from the road, and are starting completely from scratch. Most Texans don't bother and just put up a brand new fence right next to their old one. I guess its a good thing my dad's not a Texan then. I think their hard work, and my stick-picking up skills are gonna pay off.



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