Monday, 28 October 2013

Death By Grease.

So the State Fair of Texas is a big deal. Obviously, because everything in Texas is a big deal, but it certainly exceeded my preconceived-fairs-are-sticky-and-gross expectations. Roomie and I sat down with our planners and penciled in a nice Sunday afternoon fair date. The weather was less than ideal, but it was gonna take more than a sprinkling to dampen our spirits.
We decided our best and cheapest option for getting to the fair was the DART. Guys...we rode the DART! But I'll save my excitement in telling you about that later.

Upon arrival I picked up a map and freaked a little when I realized how big this theme park/fair is. It's ginormous and since we were both newbies we decided to make a full circuit.
On our list of must sees... Big Tex (duh), ferris wheel, bird show, fried food, and agriculture.
Before we could think about any of that though we had to buy coupons. The fair's currency. And boy was it steep. I think we got 20 coupons each, at fifty cents a coupon. It sounds like a lot of coupons but the ferris wheel, which I really wanted to ride, was 14 coupons! Maybe next year.
Our first stop as we made our way through the crowds was Big Tex himself. Having lived for a year in Big Tex's birth town it sure was exciting to see him in the flesh? Plastic? I'm not really sure what he's made of. It's interesting to me that he's become such an icon for Texas because his face couldn't get much creepier. His boots are cool though, I'll give him that.
Big Tex photo bombing our picture. ^
After taking entirely too many pictures of a creepy giant statue man we went on the hunt for a fried heart attack. This room was a joke. My eyes were watering from all the smokey grease in the air so it took a second for me to comprehend just how many fried food options I had.
We made two laps and decided on Fried Snickers. Easily the best fried food we ate that day. Texans there anything you can't fry?
One of my favorite parts of the day was the Bird Show. I'm a sucker for zoos/aquariums so this was right up my alley. I have no idea how they trained this hawk, but in the above picture the hawk (tiny black dot left of ferris wheel) was released from a cage in the ferris wheel and flew all the way down to a trainer on the stage. It was incredible.
Next year ^ this is the first thing I'm gonna do.
This magical man in orange overalls is carving pumpkins. Those have gotta be hundred-pounders.
And these are the rides that you could never pay me enough money to get on. I kept a safe distance. Those are vomit traps.
We heard about the fried Nutella, so we searched for the booth, which was hard to find, but then easy to spot because of the long queue. Roomie bought the Nutella, and I bought the cookie dough. I'll save you the suspense, it looked one hundred times better than it tasted. Looking at the pictures again makes me feel a little sick. The cookie dough was so disgusting sweet I could only manage one. And the Nutella, honestly, was a big disappointment. Not nearly enough Nutella and too flakey. Everything just fell apart. We left feeling a little gross. Death by grease.
The after math.
I have a new appreciation for goats so we took a tour around the cattle, hog, goat, and horse barns. Such pretty animals.
And this bad boy ^ was the coolest thing I'd ever seen.
Now the 'Everything is bigger in Texas' phrase totally makes sense to me.
I dig the fair and will be back next year for more.


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Michal Woodruff said...

I miss the state fair. I haven't been in years and years. Love your blog.