Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Just A Tease.

I'd been wanting to go to the Dallas Zoo for a while now so Casey and I finally made a day of it. I was determined to see some elephants, since they're my favorite, but I had no idea the gorillas would be so fascinating. We walked up to the three paneled glass wall to find a gorilla laying on his back with his feet up just watching little kids pressing their faces up to the glass. It was amazing to watch him, watching us. He eventually sat up right in the middle with his feet indian style and I snapped a picture of him looking right at me. It was the coolest and actually a little creepy the more you stare at it. We also got to feed some giraffes (thanks Casey!) I held up my piece of lettuce over his mouth and kept moving the lettuce higher over his nose watching his tongue stretch out to reach for it. He figured out I was just a tease and moved on to the next person waving lettuce around. Smart animal. 
I finally got to see my elephants and was standing at the perfect spot to capture a lion strolling right up against the glass.
God certainly designed some beautiful and intelligent animals. 

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Beth Hudson said...

Amazing photos. Love your new camera.