Monday, 31 December 2012

Long Walks.

I feel like my English grandparents. Their daily routine involves five mile hikes across the English countryside in their Hunter wellies and Barbour jackets. I can't help but love long walks too. Not just a quick stroll where you throw on your shoes and go, but a deliberately planned long walk. There is a perfect stretch of country road by the house and Daisy happens to be my perfect walking partner. An activity not easily achieved in the city. Crisp late December air, green fields, and a beautiful Australian Shepherd made this a walk worth remembering. Oh yea, and Daisy says HI.

Hope you have yourself a Happy New Years. Thanks for following along.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

25 Years.

My family has an amazing ability to hold on to things for years before finally acknowledging that they may need to take a trip to the dumpster. Our Christmas tree is one such thing. Take a guess at its age... Okay I'll tell you. It's 25 years old, only two years older than me. Bought at Harrods in London and used every year since. Its lost many of its branches and its practically see through but its kinda cute right? Yea I know... we're getting a new one next year. (Maybe even a real one if I pester enough)
You might be wondering what that fifth image is. That is the creativity of my lovely brother. He even glued on dirt to the side. He loves to bring a little humor to the holidays.

And I leave you with a classic blurry-self-timer-family-picture. 

Happy Holidays!


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Fox Ginger Cookies.

I think the idea of making gingerbread cookies is always better than the reality. Especially when you forget that you make a huge mess with everything you bake and they'll probably turn out looking like pregnant/morbidly obese animals. With that being said it only took me two years to use these cute IKEA cookie cutters. I thought it was appropriate for country living. Wish they made one in wild hog.

Happy Christmas!
P.S. It managed to get cold enough to snow here this afternoon for a lovely white Texas Christmas.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Publix Pilgrims.

So I realize its clearly a month after Thanksgiving but I took these pictures and wanted to show you our feast and the cute little Publix pilgrims hanging out at our table. Mummy did such a good job and instead of making turkey, which none of us particularly like, she roasted some chicken and it was fantastic. Just looking at the pretty table got me excited to eat. And boy was it fun. (Note the empty plate in picture 5) Best Thanksgiving meal to date.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Griswolds.

Saturday was the designated day for Christmas lights and I managed to persuade Chap to put them along the roof line. We had a couple Griswold-esque moments while putting them up. Chap was working the roof with Teenager (insert scared face) while I got the job of observing the finished product from the ground. We blew two fuses and had to buy five more sets of lights. Even though they were almost ten years old they managed to hang on for one more night and then they all blew out. Mummy did a quick internet manouver and hopefully we'll have some by this weekend. Glad I took these pictures when I did.
Happy Christmas from Texas.


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Homestead Heritage Festival.

The day after Thanksgiving we traveled to a land far away. A land removed from the bustle of city life but full of the simplicity of farm living. A community where every building you see is a restored barn or farm house. Where the community has learned how to knit, sew, make pottery, build and construct hand, bake delicious donuts and for that matter delicious everything. This community at Homestead Heritage have learned how to live a sustainable life. Mummy and Chap visited them for a weekend of classes on farming with crops and animals, heard about their thanksgiving festival, and brought us along. 
It was a fascinating experience and well worth the drive. I particularly enjoyed watching the ceramic ladies throwing, and touring their extensive collection of pieces for sale. I also found my future husband. It was love at first scythe. 
The family can't wait to go back and learn more about what God intended farming to be like.