Thursday, 26 June 2014

Chelsea and Lola.

These adorable puppies are Chelsea and Lola, our new Great Pyrenees dogs. Their purpose, not only to look cute, but as they get older and bigger to protect the goats. I'm sure they'll do a great job of this because when they're full grown they'll look more like white furry horses. We were told by Mummy not to pet them because they needed to bond with the goats, but obviously I couldn't resist. 
They're too much.


The Stinnett's.

I absolutely loved taking photographs of the Stinnett family. There were certainly lots of laughs along the way, which made my job easier. A few melt downs (those trains will get you all the time), but nothing this sweet family couldn't recover from. They're such a fun, silly lot and it was my pleasure to capture some moments for them. 

[All photos taken on the Canon Rebel T3i]
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