Thursday, 26 September 2013


I took these back in May when our grass was cut and bailed into cute circles. I loved how the bails made patterns out on the fields. And I caught the perfect afternoon light just hovering over the horizon.

Missin' home just a little bit.


Sunday, 22 September 2013


This saturday I journeyed out into the great DFW unknown to the first ever Red Bull Flugtag ('flying day' in German) in the US. I'd always seen the Red Bull commercials with the crazy animal shaped planes taking nose dives into water and thought it looked so fun. So when I heard the Flugtag was coming to the US for one day, in five cities, I was pretty pumped to hear one such city was Dallas.

It rained for a full day Friday, which made Saturday perfect with a nice pretend coastal breeze.
Some of my top 'flying vehicles' were the Napoleon Dynamite Lama plane, the 'Cornagus' (a corn on the cob with wings), 'Big Tex en fuego' (in remembrance of the burning of Big Tex last year), The Port-A-Potty plane including nude driver, and the Old-man-Elvis plane. Classic.

It was hilarious to see the construction of these planes. Most of them were literally duck-taped together. And it was even more hilarious to watch them take the plunge off the runway.
I walked around the lake and sat with my feet in the water to enjoy the experience. Although I was just out of speaker range, I was close enough to see the dance routine of each crew and the flight. Pretty fun day.

Check out the standings to see which city flew best!


Saturday, 7 September 2013

Party Time.

Party time for the newlyweds was a hit. It was so fun to be around family that I hadn't seen in years and to catch up and enjoy each others company, not to mention some totally relaxing yoga. Here's some pictures from my film camera. It was a swelteringly hot day and as sweat poured off of us we enjoyed a popcorn bar, lots of fun games, giant Jenga, a hayride, bouncy castle, and ice cream before dinner.
Lots of laughs, sweaty hugs, and yummy food.

My cousin Nate took this one. Stellar pic.

The Factor doing the "Tree"
Isn't this the best picture? Love Chap and Daisy.