Tuesday, 18 September 2012


One of the advantages of living out in the country is that one often finds random animals wandering around either lost of let loose. Sadly in Texas the latter is usually the case especially with horses, as they've become too expensive to feed and maintain. This animal however, was happily set loose, as we've come to understand that donkeys are not particularly cherished on the farm. A good animal to have around cows and other animals, but usually very aggressive, and generally they don't serve much of a purpose however cute they may be. 
This very cute donkey made its way onto our farm one afternoon and lived with us for about a week until it found its way out of our fences and presumably on to better pasture. We got pretty attached and even gave it a name. There was some conflict as Princess wanted James (named after our primary school in England) and I wanted Jimmy (sounded cuter and because I love Jimmy Johns). We never really got the chance to make up our minds as it disappeared the next day. Perhaps we'll meet again Jimmy.


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