Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Farm Update.

It seems like every time I go home there's some new something to look at and my parents are quickly turning into the farmers of their dreams. They're slowly and purposefully building up their animal population, this past week adding three beautiful goats. [<Read the full story over at We Love Texas]
My immediate thought was to name them Walt, Jesse, and Hank having just watched the season finale of BB, but unfortunately they're all female and we'll have to resort to some cute English girl names. The black-socked goat was the instant family favorite. They don't get much cuter than that.
Along with the new pets came a Teviahmade goat home and a new chicken coupe mansion fully equipt with chicken wire, corruagated metal siding, repurposed deck wood, vintage door and window. What would we do without Teviah?
Among other developments is the two roosters that have emerged out of the ten.
And the bees are flying around, making honey, pollenating the fields, being awesome.
Next major step...cattle. And more importantly, what I was promised...horses.

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Beth Hudson said...

Great photos. Makes everything look pretty.