Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Father Christmas.

Somehow Father Christmas made his way out to our farm Christmas Eve and delivered not one but three presents to my sweet nephew Liam. He also delivered presents to myself and my siblings because of Mummy's rule that if you 'believed' Father Christmas would come. Of course we always say we still believe, even when we're 24 years old.
Princess and I were talking about one of the most frustrating parts of Christmas during our childhood was being forced to have breakfast before we could even see our presents. My parents would close our living room door, just to torture us, and then make us sit for what felt like hours and eat something we were too excited to eat before finally letting us into the room. We were so wound up at that point I'm surprised I didn't wet my pants. I'm glad Liam didn't have to endure that this year. We went straight for the stockings and big presents. He sent a cute letter up the chimney to Father Christmas asking for a Mater book (truck from Cars film) and a Buzz Lightyear. He's still on a Toy Story kick after his birthday party seen here. He got both, and a toy tractor/mule/hunting set. I have a feeling Buzz was his favorite.
The Christmas morning cuppa.
Mummy prepared another beautiful Christmas Dinner. Brussels sprouts have always been my favorite part of the meal, along with parsnips and everyone's favorite, stuffing. It was a pretty wonderful spread. And even though bread rolls are not traditional to the English meal, they should be.
 Well done Mummy.
Chap and I consumed our annual quota of mince pies. Mummy out did herself again. 
After our meal we went on a little Christmas walk. I snapped some pictures.
A man and his goats.
A boy and his Buzz.
Mummy's Christmas eggs with her new Anthropologie ceramic egg carton.
I love this picture.
Back story: I sat for maybe five minutes with my camera in his face waiting for him to smile. He wouldn't budge. And was obviously tired of me taking pictures of him. Monte, a.k.a. Moppy, walks up to the table. Instant grin. Captured.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly were very blessed this year!
Also, have yourselves a Happy New Year. :)


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