Thursday, 20 February 2014

Happy Memories.

Sometimes I'm just in the mood to take pictures. This weekend was one of those times. Rob Factor drove down (check out the sweet handle bar he's rocking) and the whole family got together, minus my brother. The weather was the perfect sunny and 75 so we spent most of the day outside enjoying the sunshine. We did a little skeet shooting, meaning we tried to shoot skeet. I think collectively we probably shot 6/90 skeet. Embarrassing. We've got a long way to go. Meanwhile, Casey exploded three skeet in a row and then we made him leave. Actually he became our personal trainer since we're all complete noobs.
I know I'm gonna look back on these pictures, years from now, with happy happy memories.
[All pictures taken on my Canon AE-1]
^^Liam took this picture. He wanted to take a picture of Daddy. I think he did pretty well.^^
^^ I can't enough of this cute face. ^^
^^ RF's perfect dog, Jack. a.k.a Daisy's future husband. ^^

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LMS said...

Great pics, as usual. The jumping pic of RF and Liam with the lens flare is my favorite.