Saturday, 26 April 2014

Uncle Casey.

 Easter is definitely my favorite thing about April and for one reason. Cadbury's Mini Eggs. The greatest candy ever made. I eagerly wait each year to see the shelves of Target stock up with hundreds of purple bags of chocolately goodness. Not pictured are the six plus bags of 50% off mini eggs purchased after Easter. Casey is hooked now too so I won't feel so bad when I eat an entire bag in one sitting because he'll help me eat them. It's such a struggle. I'll try my best to ration out the remaining bags to last me till next year, but I'm not making any promises. 
This year I was fortunate enough to spend Sunday with Casey's family. It was exciting to watch all of Casey's nieces and nephews hunt for their eggs and more importantly, check out the candy inside. They're pretty photogenic kids. Especially when they're eating strawberry cupcakes and playing with their favorite Uncle Casey.

[All photos taken on the Canon Rebel T3i]

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