Thursday, 1 May 2014

24/7 Dust.

I've been really horrible at showing you my student work over the course of the year. I probably have 500 images on my phone and just haven't got around to posting them. They've made some very creative pieces that make my heart smile and gives me comfort knowing that I picked the right career.
Please excuse my bomb shell of a classroom. I realize now it probably wasn't the best day to take pictures but then again, there isn't ever a best day in Ceramics. It's 24/7 dust. It used to bother me and I'd clean the room every day, but I've come to accept it. Its what I signed up for.
We've just finished our slab box project. This is work from a Ceramics 3 student who loves the Starry Night, and of course I love him for loving the Starry Night. We talked about the shape of the box and how he could incorporate the painting into the shape. He decided he would make his box in the shape of the moon and his handle in the the shape of one of the swirly clouds. He just finished glazing it so I took some pictures. I never know what will happen in the kiln so I try and take pictures of their work during all stages of construction. He's such a quiet, diligent worker and I'm always so pleased with his effort.


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