Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Deer Lease.

A couple weeks back I journeyed with Casey and his father out to west Texas near San Angelo to load deer feeders up for their deer lease. I am foreign to a lot of things, but especially hunting and deer and leases. I was little help to them since I couldn't easily pick up a fifty pound bag of corn so as per usual, I stood and took pictures. It was pretty dusty out there, as I imagined west Texas to be, but surprisingly full of wildlife. I don't know what the animals eat, but they're clearly getting food. We saw a couple deer, some big turkeys, and the sweetest baby lambs.We climbed up into numerous deer blinds and I'll spare you the disgust of seeing what was inside. Casey's words, 'Yea, I'm never using this one' pretty much sum up the atmosphere in there. We finished up the day with a little shooting and then headed home. Casey is slowly initiating me into the world of hunting and its definitely growing on me. (^^Also isn't he handsome?!^^)

[All photos taken on 35mm film with Canon AE-1]


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