Saturday, 26 March 2016

New Floors and a BIG Surprise

After one long weekend of forbidden entry into our house we finally stepped foot on to our newly sanded, stained, and sealed floors. If you've forgotten what the original floors looked like, take a peek back at this post. It has been quite the transformation. I quickly pulled out my phone, as I knew the space would probably never look this clean again, and started taking pictures. I loved the stain color we chose. It feels just right, not too orangey, and beautifully picks up the wood grain and the many imperfections throughout the house. I was determined to not have a high gloss floor, so we went with a more matte stain, which we are very happy with.

Casey had been working on installing the (compromised) marble-like bathroom tile during the day with his brother. I was eager to see the bathroom tile we had picked out, but too focused on the new floors. 
Casey walked into the bathroom and I hear...

"Oh No! Katie, come look at this. The tile is completely messed up..."
When I walked around the corner, I saw this...

I gasped, and then embarrassingly burst into tears. I don't know if it was the surprise, or the fact that I was getting married in 13 days. Casey knew how much I wanted the hexagon tile, and even after telling me flat out we weren't getting it, he always knows how to surprise me. He's a little too good at it. That or I'm completely oblivious. Either way he's really good at tricking me.

Thank you Casey. You're always keeping me on my toes and I love that about you.

There were a few more squares of tile be laid down so we stayed for a few hours and finished up the edges. It was all ready for grout in the morning. I definitely have some very happy memories of this night.

 Things were moving fast at the house as we watching our first coat of indoor paint go up in the living room. I chose a grayish-blue color. We left the fireplace wall white to bring out the shiplap. I was definitely happier with the indoor paint decisions than the exterior paint. I'll save that for another post. We left the kitchen completely white with the white cabinets, but painted the bedrooms and living room in the blue/gray color. The rooms still needed their foot added back to the wall and a few touch-ups of trim paint. 

We were so close to being done with the house at this point, I could really see myself living here and I couldn't wait. Next up, exterior paint, bathroom paint and fixtures. Stay tuned!

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