Friday, 15 January 2016

The Tour

A few days after our first glimpse we were able to tour the house with the owners. I have to say my expectations were really low, but the moment I walked in and saw those wood floors I could only see the potential. The owners believed the house was built around the 1950's, and in renovations a little later on, we realized it was probably built even earlier than that. There's no central air and heat in a house this old, so there are window units in each room.

My 'wow I love this house' moment happened when I walked into the kitchen. It has impractically tall white cabinets that just make such a statement in the room. The show stopper is the beautiful, almost floor to ceiling, windows that wrap around the corner of the room. The owners built a space for a washer/dryer and a little recessed area behind that for the hot water heater. There were also three exterior doors, which seemed like a lot to me. One leads outside to the backyard from one of the bedrooms, which is a bit awkward, but its an old house so things like that are expected.

There are two bedrooms in the house with a bathroom and closet sandwiched between both rooms. The bathroom was easily the scariest room in the house. The shower tub wall was sticking out into the window and the shower itself was the narrowest shower i'd ever seen. I wish I had taken a picture of Casey standing in it because the shower head hit him right in the neck. The peeling vinyl checkerboard flooring was obviously pretty scary looking too, and something just felt weird about the placement of everything in the room.
I loved the closet, because clothes. But also, in college, a lot of my friends lived in old houses with little to no closet space. So I was shocked to find such a nice sized closet in 605.
There were very promient humps in the floor as we walked around the house. My FIL said that it could be something to do with the foundation and we wouldn't really know if that were fixable until we could get under the house.
It has a really nice back yard with some beautiful trees, with another porch.

I thought it looked like a perfect little house, with maybe just a few cosmetic changes. 
[Spoiler: later we found out those changes were not so cosmetic.] 
It had so much character and I loved the huge baseboards and wood floors and all the light. I was mentally invested at this point, but Casey was the final say on if it was a good investment for us. Neither of us ever wanted to own a house as newlyweds, but it was looking like a really good opportunity.

More to come!

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