Thursday, 11 February 2016

Door Removal/ Tub Addition

Putting our bath tub in was really exciting to me. It was the first new thing to go in the house and since we kept a lot of the original fixtures, it was fun to have something brand new. 
Casey framed up a small wall at the end of the tub to support the tub wall. A space was left in the exterior wall for the shower plumbing that needed to go back in. We bought a curved tub that was human-sized and tall enough for a normal person (compared to the previous tub) and considered a curved glass door. It was pricey so we went with a shower curtain rod. Maybe in the future we can upgrade. For now, it's perfect.  

Here's the finished closet with new shelving and textured walls. Cody and Casey did an excellent job. I think it's sufficent space for both our wardrobes. And if it's not, I clearly need to get rid of some of my clothes. I was really excited about the space at the top because I knew I would have big things I wanted to hide like suitcases and boxes. 

Here's some pictures of the wood ceiling with the wall paper ripped off. When I saw the kitchen ceiling I knew I wanted to keep the wood and just paint it white. It looked so cool. But as we inspected it a little more, we noticed massive holes where the attic dust would fall through. Certainly not something you want right over your food. So we had to think of an Plan B, which I think turned out way better than Plan A. 

The above picture is scary. I didn't know if we could pull this kitchen off at this point. There were about five layers of either paint or wall paper on the kitchen walls. And the top layer was thick, uneven texture that felt like sand paper. I couldn't wait to fix those walls. But before that we decided to take out the kitchen exterior door. It seemed like a door leading to nowhere. We didn't have a drive way on that side of the house so it just opened up right into our neighbors car. If you remember from the earlier pictures, there is also a little porch/stairs outside over the doorway , which was really cute, but impractical. I didn't like the thought of having so many ways into the house , as a safety issue alone. So we removed the door. And as I say 'we', I'm almost always using the royal 'we'. Casey and his family did all of the work. They reframed and re-insulated. 

Here's the new tub with walls. It was glued in place for a day before they removed the brace holding it up. Next for the bathroom is drywall, and...tile!

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