Monday, 22 February 2016

Trim and Cabinets

Bathroom texture had dried and we were now ready for wall paint and trim paint. They painted everything a bright white, including door and all baseboards and trim. It was such a refreshing sight to see everything looking so fresh and so clean.

In our bedroom we had a weird metal grate in the floor, which we discovered was a floor furnace. It hadn't been turned on in a while and was full of dust. We didn't want the grate in the floor since it was right when you walked in so Casey took it out and they put new floor boards over the area.

The painters gave our kitchen cabinets and hardware a coat of white. This made all the difference to me. After seeing the big brass hardware it was just too overwhelming in the kitchen. I tried polishing the hardware, to restore it to a nice gold brass color, but it wasn't working like I wanted it to. So now its painted all white, its much easier on the eyes.

The brothers worked on the broken and rotting fascia on the roof and replaced a few random pieces of siding that needed some love. The exterior of the house was really coming together and just needed some pressure washing/sanding, and a new paint job.

Here's some more of the new white trim. Everything was looking very bright. I was so happy to be rid of the brown walls. 

And the most exciting part of this post, to me, is the newly sanded patch of flooring for our sample stains. We decided to hire the one man who told us he was able to sand down our floors and restore them. He works old, turn of the century, houses in Dallas and told us he's seen floors in much worse condition and brought them back to life. Casey and I were thinking about doing it ourselves, but I am so glad we hired this man. He definitely knew what he was doing. After seeing just this small rectangle sanded down, I was doing the heart-eyes emoji. I can't even remember, now, what stain I chose. I think it was the darker of the two. I didn't really care, I was just so happy that it was going to work and we would be able to see the beautiful wood grain. Now our flooring is not perfect. There is still a huge lump running through the two bedrooms and some pretty major cracks between the boards, but to me, it's as close as we were gonna get to perfection in a house built in the 50's.

Next post is one you don't want to miss. 
The big reveal of our newly sanded floors and bathroom tile!

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