Saturday, 20 February 2016

Knock- Down, Not Off Texture

Immediately following drywall was a relatively quick spraying of texture on all the walls and ceiling and then, as I was corrected by Casey from my previous post, the knock- down technique, not to be mistaken by knock-off. I wasn't sure I wanted texture on the walls. To me, I wanted our walls to look smooth and clean, maybe because of how horrible the walls looked prior to our renovations. But I was wrong. Texture has such a great way of camouflaging all sorts of lumps, cracks, and holes. Plus it makes every wall fit together in a wonderful uniform way.

Here's some post texture in the bathroom.

Here's some before texture of the bedroom and living room walls. The white patches are mud filling in major dips and cracks in the walls. They were taped off and ready to go.
One thing I think made such a difference in the outcome of our fixer-upper was the ceilings. They 'floated' the ceilings, which just meant they were smooth and level. When I look at the before images, that's something that stands out to me that makes the room as a whole look so much more new. 

Here's some images of the texture on the kitchen walls. I wasn't sure at this point on every room color, but I knew I wanted the kitchen to be white. Since the cabinets were white, and we were keeping our black countertops to stay in budget, I wanted to create a minimalist, all white look.

And there is that solid wood door as spoken of before, that I'm pretty sure Casey secretly threw in the dumpster. I'll get over it eventually. The living room got a nice dose of texture. The fireplace wall we left exposed shiplap and it got a fresh coat of white paint.

And our bedroom texture. I couldn't wait to replace those dated ceiling fans. The amount of dust build up on the blades was enough to make Casey gag.

One thing I became aware of, as we started working late nights at the house, was the lack of overhead lighting. Because there are a million windows in this house I just assumed that would be our main source of light. I didn't think at all about after dark.
We decided to put in some recessed can lights in the bathroom, living room, and kitchen. In the kitchen I wanted a couple pendant lights to hang over our sink and thought at first that would be enough light. I am SO glad we decided to add two can lights in the kitchen because it would've been miserably dim. It's laughable now, just thinking about those pendant lights.

And finally, the beginning of white trim paint in the living room to cover up the dingy cream, needs-an-update trim. When I saw all of the white, I thought about painting the entire house white. It was a thousand times better than the original brown, so bright and airy.

Next couple posts are the extra exciting parts for me. :) Stay tuned.

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