Saturday, 16 January 2016

Renovations: PART I

After a good month of discussing and a little negotiating we managed to snag the house for a really good deal. Casey loves to surprise/trick me, and since I'm 100% gullible I tend to fall for it every time. For a while we both decided we probably couldn't get the house, despite my enthusiasm for it. I remember being in the car with him and he just casually said, 

Casey: So how would you feel about living in Ennis?
Me: Um... yea I'd like it. Why?
Casey: Okay good, cause we're home owners. We just bought 605.
Me: What?!? *squeal*

There was a lot of work to do so we started right away. It was the beginning of August in Texas, about 98 degrees, and no electricity yet in the house. So sweat poured and tensions were high. One job I knew we could both tackle together was taking up the vinyl floor in the kitchen. I was hopeful since the wood floor went through the living and bedroom that there would be nice wood floors underneath. And I was right.
I can tell you right now what the worst job/hardest job I did on the house was. Taking up vinyl flooring is the worst. First it's glued to plywood so nasty stickiness every piece you peel off, then its screwed down about every square inch. Not kidding. So I'm using a metal scraper and sliding it across the floor as hard as I can and praying that I don't hit a screw.
Parts of the kitchen floor had so many screws I couldn't understand why someone would need that many. I added a picture of one of those sections of floor and one of some of the random holes that must've been from old plumbing.
I was excited to see shiplap on the exterior wall in the laundry area. Channeling my inner Joanna Gaines of course. And I peeled off a big piece of wall paper that had been nailed to the ceiling and then painted. 
More wood paneling on the ceiling too! And green wood paneling at that. This green color popped up multiple times in the rest of the renovations.

PART II coming soon.

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